Tool to Repair Videos

  • Video Repair Tool that can effectively fix corrupt MP4, MOV, XVID videos etc.
  • Video File Repair tool an ability to fix broken videos by repairing the audio and video stream separately and then adjoining them.
  • Easy to use Video Repair Tools to repair QuickTime video file.
  • Best recommended tool by most of the industrial experts.

Not able to play your video file?

Watching films in your system has been an all time favorite pass time. Isn’t it? Yes, most of the people in this modern world find some time to relax and enjoy films. This brings some peace to the mind from the daily busy schedule in work.

Think of an event where you downloaded one of your favorite movie to your system from internet and saved it on your system to watch it on a weekend. When the day arrived you might have invited a group of friends to your house to enjoy watching and chatting around unaware of the fact that the video file as been damaged by the virus from your pen drive you plugged in last night. When you tried to play the video you confront an error “File may be corrupt or not a supported format”. The whole lot of excitement you had turned into disappointment in one shot. Don’t worry!! Bring your excitement back by downloading Video Repair Tools and fixing your video file in just few minutes after launching the Video File Repair tool.

Scenarios that cause damage of video files:

  • CRC Errors: CRC is a technique used in digital data transmission to check the accuracy. When you download a video the transferred data should match with received data. If it does not match then it indicates a CRC error. Such errors indicate that your video files are damaged

  • Header Corruption: Every file has two main parts that is header and the data part. First header field has to be verified to access the data of the file. Therefore, Video files become inaccessible when header is corrupted by various means of disasters like virus attack, file system corruption etc.

  • Codec issues: Codec are supportive programs that are necessary to play a video of its corresponding format. If these get corrupted by any threats then it refuses to play the video and cause its damage. Take the aid of Video Repair Utility to repair damaged videos

Features of Video Repair Tool:

  • This professional Video Repair Tools helps to fix your damaged video files from Windows and Mac operating system.
  • You can repair MPEG video files residing on hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, IPods etc with the help of this tool.
  • It supports repair of video files captured from popular brands of digital cameras like Nikon, Kodak, Panasonic, Samsung etc.
  • Video Repair Utility supports to fix AVI videos of large size.
  • Video Repair Tools occupies only small space from your memory to be installed and used on your computers.

Recent Updates:

Video Repair Tool Windows 7: If your video files get corrupted or damaged then no need to worry anymore, just opt for Video Repair Tool. This application is capable of repairing different video file formats in quicker way. To know more about this tool, refer this link:

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How to Fix DivX Audio Problem: If you are a user who is asking for how to fix DivX audio problem, then you are at the right place. With the help of Video Repair tools, you can resolve any kind of issues or errors related to DivX or other video files without any complexities.

Repair Windows Movie Maker File: Do you want to repair Windows Maker file? If yes, then you can utilize the best repair tool named as Video Repair Tools to repair corrupt Windows Movie Maker file. To get more information, visit this link:

Repair H264 Video File: H264 video file format is used for recording and compressing high definition videos. Thus, corruption of such video file may make you upset. Video Repair Tools is the best solution for getting rid of this problem. To get more information about repairing H264 video file, visit:

Fix AVI Cannot Render File: An AVI file may reach at non-rendering state due to several reasons like file header corruption. What you have to do in such situations is to use Video Repair Tools for fixing this issue effortlessly. For more information on this topic visit this link:  

Fix Corrupted iMovie File on MacBook: If you are facing problems to play an iMovie file on MacBook, take a look at this guide. Here you are provided basics steps to use Video repair tool for repairing corrupted or unplayable iMovie files on MacBook. To get more details click on this link :

Real Player won't Play MP4 Videos: Are you unable to play MP4 videos on real player? If so, then do not panic because by using Video repair tool you can easily fix corrupted or damaged MP4 video files and make it playable in few simple steps. To know more about fixing process visit here:

How to Fix Unsynced Audio Video: Is the movie you were eager to watch has unsynced audio video? Then, don’t get upset, just go for this video repair tool and perform repairing of unsynced audio and video file in couple of mouse clicks. Go to this site to read more about the repair process:

Video Repair after Recovery: The recovered video files may get damaged and become unplayable due to number of reasons like virus attack, unreliable recovery utility, bad sectors, incompatible media player, error while changing video format, etc. So, in such circumstances, you can use Video Repair Tools to repair a video after recovery. For detailed info, visit:

MOV Video Repair Tool Windows: Do you want to learn how to repair MOV video on Windows based Operating System? If it is so, then immediately employ Video repair tools which is the best and convenient MOV video repair tools for Windows and easily repair all corrupted or damaged MOV videos within couple of minutes. For more details, refer the given link:

Repair Sony Vegas Videos: Sony Vegas is a video editing and creating application. But sometimes, the video files created or edited using this tool may get corrupt and become unplayable due to numerous reasons. So, in such circumstances, you can utilize Video Repair Tools and can easily repair Sony Vegas videos. To know more about it, go to:

Repair iPhone 4S Video: iPhone 4S is a Smartphone which comes with advanced and unique features, but still the stored video file on it may get corrupted and become inaccessible due to various reasons. So, in such circumstances, you can use Video Repair Tools to repair iPhone 4S video files in an easy way. For more details about iPhone 4S video repair, click on the given link:

Repair Corrupt Canon MOV File: Are you unable to play or access important Canon MOV file? If yes, then make use of one of the most reliable and powerful tool called as Video Repair Tool to repair corrupt Canon MOV file. For more information about corrupt Canon MOV file repair, refer this link:

Repair VLC Video: Have you encounter any problem while playing VLC video? If it is so, then make use of efficient software called as Video repair tool to repair VLC video. It is one of the most reliable, fast and secure tool to repair VLC video files. To get more details about it, log on to:

Fix QuickTime Unknown Error 8971: If you want to know how to fix QuickTime unknown error 8971, then make use of Video Repair Tools and fix QT errors and corrupted video files with ease. For more information, visit the following link:

Repair Incomplete Video Files: With the latest version of this Video Repair Tools any of you can easily repair incomplete video files within couple of minutes. For more info on incomplete video repair, visit:

Fix Audio Delay Video Files: If video file gets corrupted, then you may face several issues like audio delay video file, audio continues to play but video freeze etc. So, in such situations, if you want to fix audio delay video files, then use Video Repair Tools. For more details, visit:

Repair MOV Video Header: Are you unable to play MOV video due to its header corruption? Here is the most powerful tool that is used to repair MOV Video Header in an effective and efficient way. If you want to repair MOV video header then make use of Video Repair tool. For more info, Refer link:

Repair iMovie File: iMovie is an video viewing and editing program in Mac computers. But sometimes, the edited or created iMovie file may get corrupted due to various reasons for which, you need to make use of Video Repair Tools in order to repair iMovie file. To get more details about iMovie file repair, visit:

Repair Bad Video Files: Do you want to know how to repair bad video files from your system? If Yes, then make use of Video Repair tool. This tool is capable of repairing high definition videos only within few minutes. For more information, you can visit:

Repair Video Clips: If you want to know how to repair corrupt or broken video clips, then make use of this advanced Video Repair Tools. To get more information about video clips repair, visit the following link:

Repair Photo Booth Video: Do you want to know how to repair photo booth video? If YES, then you can make use of Video Repair Tools as it is a best software to repair photo booth video files. For more info about photo booth video repair, visit the following link:

Repair GoPro Video File: If you want to know how to repair GoPro video file which has got corrupted due to various reasons, then use Video Repair Tools. For more info about GoPro video file repair visit:

Repair Poor Quality Videos: Are you in search of tool to know how to repair poor quality videos? If YES, then don't panic just make use of Video Repair Tools which has been specially designed to repair poor quality video files. For more info about poor quality video repair, visit:

Repair Video Codec: Do you want to know how to get rid of codec error? Then, use Video Repair Tools which has been specially designed to repair video codec in few simple steps. For more info visit:

How to Repair iPhone Video?: You can now, use  MOV repair software to repair iPhone video MOV file that is corrupted or damaged due to several reasons within minutes. It is considered as one of the best video repair software.

AVI Header Repair: Are you looking for the tool to know how to repair AVI header file? If so, then make use of an advanced Video Repair Tools, which will easily help you in AVI header repair process. For more details about AVI header repair, visit the following link:

Repair DIVX Video: Make use of AVI repair software to successfully know about how to repair DIVX video file that is either corrupted or damaged due to several reasons. This is one of the best and most recommended video repair software.

How to repair video with missing header?: Do you want to know how to repair video with missing header? If so, then don't worry! with the help of Video Repair Tool, you can successfully repair videos with missing header due to different reasons which in turn corrupt or damage the video. Go through this page: for more info.

Nikon Video Repair: Are you unable to play videos recorded by Nikon camera on any of the media player? If YES, then make use Nikon Video Repair Tool to repair Nikon video files. For more info visit:

Repair MOV Mac: Is your MOV video file got corrupted and you are unable to open it on your Mac system? Then, make use of this advanced Video Repair Tools to repair damaged or corrupted MOV file on your system. To get more info, you can go to this link:

Repair AVI Index: AVI is important and most widely used video file format, but if the index of this file gets corrrupted or broken then you wont be able to play AVI file on your video player. So to repair AVI index you can make use of AVI Repair Sofware. Go to to know how to repiar AVI file index.

How to delete video files from Android phone?: Is your Android phone running short of memroy and do you want to know how to delete unwanted video files from Android phone? If yes, then just make use of Remo MORE Software to remove all the unwanted video files from Android phones. For more info, visit this web page:

Password Protect Video Files: Want to compress personal or confidential video files to avoid any kind of unauthorized access? Then Remo MORE will help you to password protect video files efficiently.

Compressing Video Files Windows 8: Do you want to compress video files on Windows 8? Make use of this efficient Remo MORE Software that helps you to compress video files of different formats and with greater accuracy.

iPhone Video Compression: Do you want to compress larger videos to reduce hard disk storage space? Then use the best Remo MORE Software to compress iPhone videos. It has the capability to compress large size videos without losing their quality.

Repair Recovered Video Files: If you have accidentally or intentionally deleted photos from an external hard drive, then make use of the tool mentioned on this page and get back those pictures easily. Read more about it on

Repair Partially Downloaded AVI: Have you downloaded a large AVI file and not able to play it? The reason can be because it is partially downloaded. But using the tool mentioned here, the partially downloaded AVI file can be easily fixed and played.

Repair XVID File: XVID files are well known for its digital clarity. Hence, they are largely used for storing big video files. It is quite painful to know that one of your favorite XVID video is stopped working. This website provides a tool to repair such damaged XVID files, whatsoever may be the corruption issue.

Repair Damaged MOV Files: The top rated software is capable to repair MOV file which is captured by various brands digital camera and camcorder like Sony, Samsung, Hitachi, etc. Video Repair Utility helps to repair MOV file from various Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, etc. and Mac OS like Lion, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc.

How to Repair Broken AVI Files That Won't Play: Get the help of AVI video repair tool when your AVI file is not playing on any media player or displaying error message. It can fix corrupted or broken AVI files and makes them as a perfect playable video.

Repair Video File Index: Repair Corrupted video file index to play it perfectly without any disturbance using video repair tool. It supports to fix index of different video file formats like AVI, MOV, MP4, 3GP, etc.

MP4 Repair Tool Sanyo Windows: Repair corrupt or broken MP4 files captured using Sanyo digital camcorder. The best application having all the necessary features to repair MP4 files, irrespective of reasons.

Repairing Damaged Files: You can repair damaged files from computer hard drive or any other storage media with a one click on repair button given by this software.

Repair AVI File Mac: Now anybody can repair damaged AVI file on Mac operating systems such as Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, etc. The tool is capable to fix error in the AVI file and makes it a perfect playable video.

Delete Duplicate Videos: Use Remo MORE to optimize your computer drive to remove duplicate video files when duplicate video files have consumed disk space and make free space for saving new data on it.

Optimize Windows XP Performance: Windows XP performance might be slow because of lot of problems like, drive fragmentation, using more unwanted load on startup programs and so on. In such situation, you can improve Windows XP performance using Remo MORE software.

Steps to use Video Repair Tool:

Step1: Download Video Repair Tool from the site and install it on your system. Launch the Video File Repair tool by manually clicking on it. Browse and select the damaged video file and click on “Repair” button.

Video Repair Tool - Main Screen

Step2: The repair process is performed and provides you with a new fixed video file and a preview option. Preview the video to check its working.

Tool to Repair Video File - Preview Screen

Step3: Purchase the product and save the repaired video file on a new location of your storage media.

How to Repair Video File - Save Screen

Tips to avoid video file damage:

  • Make it a habit to take a regular backup of your files after every use.
  • Avoid using unsupported third party tools to convert file extension.
  • Connect a UPS to your system to avoid video file damage due to power surge.