How to Repair a Recovered Video File?

  • - The highly-efficient toolkit to fix videos that are corrupt upon file recovery

  • - Built with eminent algorithms that scan and recreates a healthy version of the video file

  • - Works flexibly with media formats like MP4, MOV, XVID, DIVX, AVI etc.

  • - Assures no modifications to the original video content

  • - Compatible to run on both Mac OSX and Windows

“As I was deleting unwanted files on my system, I accidentally deleted my most valuable video which was in MOV format. Anyhow, I recovered it back using a third-party recovery program. But unfortunately, I experienced audio video sync problems when I tried to play a recovered video, and at last media players refused to open/play this video, also displayed an error message saying that the video is corrupted. So, someone please let me know how to repair video after recovery? Thanks in advance.”

Did you also encounter the same issue as mentioned above, and in need of the solution to repair video file after recovery? If so, then don’t panic as the process of the video repair after recovery can easily be done. But to carry out this video repair process in an effective way, you need to make use of a highly reliable and recommended repair utility such as Video Repair Tools. This repair program has been suggested by worldwide professionals and normal users for repairing video file after recovery. So, it is the perfect tool to repair damaged MOV files or perform a video repair after recovery, and along with repairing damaged or corrupted recovered video, this software can also be accomplished to repair audio video sync problems in a short duration of time.

How recovered video gets corrupted and become unplayable?

  • If you choose an unreliable recovery tool to recover a lost or deleted video, then there are chances for the recovered video to get corrupt, also if any interruption takes place during the recovery process, then you may experience audio video sync problems when trying to play a recovered video.
  • In order to make the recovered video compatible on the installed media player, you may you try to change the video format from MOV to another or vice-versa. But during this process, there is a possibility that video might get corrupt and become unviewable.
  • The header of recovered video might get damaged due to several reasons, and once the video header gets broken/damaged, then the recovered video becomes unplayable.
  • The recovered video file may also get corrupted due to reasons like a virus attack, system crash, abrupt termination of media player, power surge, damaged storage device, codec issues, transfer error and more.

If the abov-listed scenarios are responsible for your video corruption, then don’t be tensed!!! As said earlier, by using the Video Repair Tools, you will definitely get an easy idea to repair recovered video files in an efficient way and in a few simple clicks.

Fascinating features of the Video Repair Tools

Video Repair is a powerful and the best application to effectively perform a video repair after recovery. This tool is specially built which has fast, a safe and simple process to repair video after recovery. It has a strong built-in repairing engine using which, you can also repair poor quality videos. It has the capability to repair a video file having different video formats like MOV, AVI and MP4. Using this excellent app, you can effortlessly repair video after recovery, and fix any type of errors related to video files. This award-winning software assists you to repair recovered video files on Windows and Mac-based desktop or laptop computers. It has a simple intuitive user interface which helps both technical and non-technical users to repair broken video files. This tool has the ability to repair audio and video streams separately and then adjoins them to make a healthy video. Taking the assistance of this incredible utility, you will be able to repair a video stored in external HDD, iPods, memory cards, flash drives, etc. On the completion of video repair after recovery, you can preview repaired video prior to the restoration.

Steps to perform video repair after recovery:

Step 1: Download and launch this repair tool on your computer. Then from the main screen “Browse” the recovered video, and then click on the “Repair” button as shown in Fig 1. to repair recovered video files.

Video Repair after Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2: After recovered video repair, you can view the repaired video using the “Preview” option as shown in Fig 2.

Video Repair after Recovery - Preview Repaired Video

Fig 2. Preview Repaired Video

Step 3: Finally save the repaired video file on the desired location using the “Save” option as shown in Fig 3.

Video Repair after Recovery - Save Repaired Video

Fig 3. Save Repaired Video