How to Repair AVI Header?

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  • - The built-in algorithms scan the input AVI file to produce a healthy video file output

  • - Securely brings back unplayable AVI media without any distortions to the original content

  • - Allows users to preview the repaired file prior complete file restoration

  • - The tool can be availed on any version of Windows or Mac OSX

Is your AVI file header damaged due to which it has turned inaccessible?  Then don’t panic, because AVI header repair can be performed easily by making use of an appropriate software and to perform this repair task you have arrived at the safest place. Go through this article to get a perfect solution which helps you to know how to repair AVI header.

AVI is abbreviated as Audio Video Interleaved. It is a media file format which was designed by Microsoft and AVI file is supported by many OS. It does not require any additional hardware like the video card to play instead, a normally configured PC can play the file. And software like Windows media player, VLC media player etc. are enough to play AVI file. AVI file has a file container in which it contains video data and audio data and synchronization of both audio and video data plays the AVI file. AVI file format is supported by many modern DVD players, and AVI file when burnt to a DVD, can be played on any modern DVD player. Nowadays the file format which is preferred most commonly to upload over the internet is AVI file, as it provides a good quality audio and video streams.

But at times, it sounds frustrating when a user wants to access an AVI file and it has corrupted due to a header file damage. When the header of AVI file is damaged then the file will be inaccessible or unplayable by any of the media players. But there is no need to worry now because AVI file which is inaccessible due to damaged header can be repaired by making use of the Video Repair Tools. This is an efficient tool which can also be used to repair the broken movie files along with AVI header repair. Before learning how to repair AVI header using the Video Repair Tools let us go through the reasons by which an AVI header gets damaged.

Scenarios by which the file header of AVI gets damaged:

  • Camcorders can store the recorded videos in AVI file format, and when these devices are not handled correctly this may lead to file header damage of AVI.
  • Camcorders loaded with infected firmware may damage the file header of AVI file.

  • Virus attack to the AVI file also results in the file header corruption of AVI file.

  • Abnormal shut down of the device while accessing the AVI file.

  • An improper use of software application to play AVI files may damage the file header.

  • Incomplete file transfer of AVI file due to an interruption may result in a damage of file header.

As discussed earlier by making use of the video repair tools one can easily repair AVI file header. This advanced repair tool can quickly repair AVI video file header. It can also be used to repair poor quality videos within a few clicks. It is the most recommended tool by which AVI header repair can be performed successfully without any errors. This professional video repair tool is supported for both Windows and Mac Operating system by which AVI header repair can be performed successfully. It is an efficient tool which can be used for repairing AVI header of AVI file residing on the hard disks, pen drives and other storage devices. It is also capable to repair the MP4 file, MOV files, etc. This advanced video repair tools can easily perform AVI header repair of video files which were captured from famous cameras like Samsung, Nikon, Oympus, Sony, Fujifilm, Panasonic etc. This is an effective tool which is used for repairing AVI header occupies a less space for installation on the computer. This powerful tool is used for repairing AVI header of larger size AVI files. It can also be used to repair video codec in a few simple steps. This tool which is used for repairing AVI header can even repair XVID and DivX file formats. It facilitates you to Preview the repaired file before restoration.

Sometimes, there will not be any audio while playing certain videos on your DivX player. To overcome this, you can rely on video repair tools which are capable of resolving this problem with ease. You can refer to the following page, to get more valuable information regarding this subject.

Steps to know how to repair AVI header:

Step1: Download & install Video Repair Tools on your system. Select the AVI file which you want to repair on the home screen by clicking on the “Browse” option and then Click on the “Repair” button for AVI header repair.

AVI Header Repair - Main Screen

Step2: Upon completion of the scan process, a summary report is displayed. You can see the preview of the repaired file by selecting “Preview”.

Fix AVI Header - Preview Screen

Step3: Save the fixed AVI file and save it using the option “Save”.

Repair AVI Header - Save File Screen