How to Repair AVI Index?

  • - The finest video repair utility that fixes broken AVI index

  • - Damaged, unplayable or corrupted AVI media files can be instantly fixed

  • - Also works with QuickTime MOV, MP4, XVID, DIVX etc.

  • - It is a read-only tool that will not alter the quality or the structure of the source file

Do you have AVI file with corrupted or broken index due to which you are unable to play your AVI file? If Yes, then don’t be panic as this is the very common issue that every user face but, one good thing for you is that you have come to the right place to get the solution in order to fix AVI index with an appropriate tool.

Audio Video Interleave (AVI) is a multimedia file format used to store audio and video streams. AVI is most widely used video file format that has a simple architecture because of which you will be able to play it on different systems like Windows, Mac, UNIX and Linux and it also supported by all popular browsers. But if the index of the AVI file gets corrupted or broken, then you may get some problems while playing this file such as sound but no picture and vice-versa, video freezes but audio continues, an error like AVI file is broken and do you want to fix it, etc. In order to overcome these problems, you need to know how to repair AVI index file by using an advanced tool called as “AVI Index Repair Software”. It is specially designed to repair MP4 video file and also to fix the AVI index in quick steps.

Listed below are some reasons for corruption of AVI index file

  • Due to a virus infection and an improper download, your AVI file index may get corrupted.

  • AVI index may also get corrupted due to an interruption like a sudden power off while playing the file and also a sudden ejection of USB drive or other portable devices during AVI file transfer can lead to a broken AVI index.

  • Changing AVI file to other video file format may result in a broken AVI index for which you need to repair AVI index in order to play AVI file on your video player.

  • Due to firmware corruption, low battery while recording a video, etc. may corrupt AVI index because of which you won’t be able to play AVI file on any of the video players.

  • All these are common scenarios and to overcome these problems you need to make use of the AVI index repair software which will effectively help you to repair AVI index in a short period of time.

    Features of the AVI Index Repair software

    AVI index repair software is a secure and powerful tool which has been reviewed by industry professionals to repair AVI index file. This is an excellent tool used to resolve any issues that are related to the AVI index in just a couple of minutes. It is designed with a strong algorithm which helps you to repair AVI index file. It provides you with a simple user interface using which you will come to know how to repair AVI index in only a few steps. This powerful tool facilitates you to perform an HD video repair, corrupted movies, unplayable videos, etc. AVI index repair software has the ability to fix AVI index on both Windows and Mac based systems. You can also repair all other video file formats. With the help of “Preview” option, you will be able to view the repaired AVI index before saving. It also helps you to know about how to repair DIVX video as well as XVID files that are corrupted or damaged due to various reasons.

    Steps to Repair AVI Index:

    Step 1: First select the AVI file that you want to repair, using the “Browse” option specify the location of the AVI file. Continue to click on the “Repair” button to fix the AVI index as shown in Fig 1.

    Repair AVI Index - Main Screen

    Fig 1. Main Screen

    Step 2: Now the software will start to detect and fix the errors in the AVI index. Once the repair process is complete, then you can use the “Preview” option to view the repaired AVI file before saving as shown in Fig 2.

    AVI Index Repair - Preview Repaired Video

    Fig 2. Preview Repaired AVI File

    Step 3: Finally, you can save repaired AVI file index on any storage media using the “Save” option as shown in Fig 3.

    Repairing AVI Index - Save Video File

    Fig 3. Save Repaired AVI File