Compressing Video Files Windows 8


While working on PC you might have encountered situations where the size of any file matters a lot. Need of reducing file size comes into a picture in different point of stages for example, When you need to send video files via email attachment or want to save backup of crucial videos on a USB drive or in computer hard disk. By compressing video files you can upload files to the mail server in comparatively less time than usual. Therefore if you are a Windows 8 user and want to transfer, upload or backup video files then it’s necessary to know how to compress video files Windows 8.

File compression is done generally for reducing total size of a particular file. However video files codec are already compressed but still these files have redundant information. So you can compress a video file without any loss of information again so that it can be decompressed to produce video file with complete information. Mostly all Windows OS are enabled with feature that allows users to compress video files. Windows 8 is a personal computer Operating System developed by Microsoft as part of Windows NT family of Operating Systems. This eventual OS supports wide range of media files which includes videos. These videos are quite a disaster always for the Windows users particularly Windows 8 OS. Being specific on Windows 8, here is essential steps that you need to follow for compressing video files Windows 8:

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Even after following the above steps, users often encounter issues in video file compression or sometimes compressed video file may be corrupted. Hence, you can use powerful Remo MORE Software to avoid any error or unexpected outcome while compressing video files Windows 8.

Advantages of Compressing Video Files Windows 8:

  • If you have large collection of videos on your computer then you can compress it together in a single file and by compressing these video files you can gain considerable amount of space on your Windows 8 hard drive. Thus, you can save lot of storage space. You can even improve the system performance by compressing video files into small file.
  • You can put password to your ZIP file, so that it can’t be accessed by an unauthorized person. Hence, you can achieve security of your video files. You can easily transfer compressed video files to another device in case you want backup. It takes less time to transfer compressed video files from your system to another storage device.

  • Remo MORE Software is the one which owes an impressive track record in the field of video files compression on Windows 8 OS. This software comes with easy to use GUI where you get step by step guidance to create Zipped file or folder on windows 8. With the help of this software, you can compress video files of different formats like .mkv, .avi, .mov, .mp4, and others. It is equally effective in archiving songs, pictures and other types of files such as Spreadsheets, Word files, PPT files etc. It can also compress the video files with greater accuracy. Apart from Windows 8, this software can compress files on Mac, Android and iOS running devices using specific versions of Remo MORE Software.

    Steps to Compress Video Files Windows 8 using Remo MORE Software:

    Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the main screen, select “Manage” option and then click on “Compress & Burn” tab.

    Compressing Video Files Windows 8 - Manage

    Fig A: Select Compress & Burn

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    Step 2: From this Window, you have to choose “Create New RZip File” option in order to compress video files Windows 8.

    Compressing Video Files Windows 8 - Create New RZip File

    Fig B: Select Create New RZip File Option

    Step 3: Now, simply add video files that you want to compress and click on “Compress” option.

    Compressing Video Files Windows 8 - Add Video Files & compress

    Fig C: Add Video Files & compress

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