iPhone Video Compression

“I have some long videos on iPhone that I need to compress in order to save storage space. Does anyone know about compressing videos on iPhone?”

Whenever you want to save storage space in your iPhone, you will come across this situation and to your surprise, Remo MORE Tool is the all in one software that can easily compress videos on iPhone with its compression feature.

The iPhone is a line of Smartphones designed and marketed by Apple Inc. It runs Apple’s iOS mobile operating system. iPhone is one of the most famous phones which mobile users prefer to use. The reason behind its popularity lies in the vibrant features that it provides to its users. One of those is high resolution inbuilt camera associated with it. This outstanding iSight camera is used to capture high definition videos. The videos captured using iPhone are of large size because they offer great quality. You may want to keep all videos on your iPhone but you can’t do it since they occupy lot of valuable space. If you want to compress iPhone videos, you need to transfer them to your computer, compress all video files and again put them back on your iPhone. However, this procedure is cumbersome to many iPhone users. In order to make it easy to compress video files directly on iPhone you can use well-known Remo MORE Software that is compatible with iOS platform. With the help of this software you can compress iPhone videos without transferring them to your computer.

Benefits of Compressing iPhone Video:

  • 1. Usually when you capture videos on iPhone consumes more space. Hence, compressing those videos can reduce their size and free some space in memory card to store other files.
  • 2. Most of you prefer to backup your valuable data in cloud with an intention to not to lose them. However, cloud apps provide limited space for each user. If your videos are in big sized consuming more space then, compressing them and storing in your iPhone itself is the best option.
  • 3. By Compressing confidential videos to zip format, you can secure them by password. Hence, no one can easily access your confidential videos.
  • Compressed videos can be easily shared with other via email and other apps.

As said before Remo MORE Software is the best tool to compress iPhone videos. This software is integrated with a strong Compress and Burn feature. It allows you to compress several videos to create a single RZip file. It has the capability to compress large size videos without losing their quality. It offers the option to select compression level based on how much size of videos file you want to reduce. While creating a RZip file, you need to select destination path to save compressed video files safely and securely. After selecting video files, compression level and destination path, the compressed video file folder is created within a matter of seconds. Apart from this, it provides you a facility to compress photos on it but it is not efficient. This software is compatible with all iPhone models such as iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5C, 5S, etc. Hence, it is the most recommended software to compress iPhone videos.

Steps for compressing iPhone video using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software on your computer. Run the software and select “Manage” option from the Welcome Window for compressing iPhone video.

IPhone Video Compression

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From the next Window choose “Compress File” to compress iPhone videos.

IPhone Video Compression

Figure 2: Select Compress File

Step 3: Then, click on “Create Zip” option.

IPhone Video Compression

Figure 3: Select Create Zip

Step 4: Now, provide a name to the newly created zip file.

IPhone Video Compression

Figure 4: Provide Name

Step 5: Select files to be added in the zip file and click on “Compress”.

IPhone Video Compression

Figure 5: Add Files

Step 6: Wait for the app to compress the selected files.

IPhone Video Compression

Figure 6: Compressing

Note: Don’t try to open and close the MPEG-4 repeatedly using the digital player. If you want to repair the MP4 just keep it idle so that more corruption in the file could be avoided.