How to Repair DIVX Video?

  • - A highly reliable technique to fix corrupt or unplayable DIVX, and AVI video files

  • - Returns a healthy DIVX media file upon a quick scan operation

  • - Built with efficient scan algorithms that securely extract the corrupt video file and generates a healthy file

  • - Even works with other video file formats such as AVI, XVID etc.

  • - Capable to fix media file from camera cards, USB drives or any system drives

Digital Video Express (DIVX) is a video format invented by the DIVX Inc. It has the capability of compressing the lengthy or extended video segments into small sizes without compromising the visual quality. DIVX compression and decompression is based on MPEG-4. The DIVX codec is one of the most admired and accepted MPEG-4 based codec due to its speed, quality, efficiency, streaming videos o-line and supported by a wide range of the DVD player.

Advantages of using DIVX media format

The format of DIVX was basically created for the DVD encoding as it offers a high-quality at the low bit rate. It has a very high-ratio of compression techniques by which it became the most preferable video compression technology for MPEG-4 compatible videos. The regular MPEG-4 part 2 DIVX codec and H.262/MPEG-4 AVC DIVX plus HD codec are the two DivX codec.

DIVX has the ability to compress a video almost up-to 7-10 times of its original size, despite compressing there is no data loss and the original quality of DVD is still retained. For example, a normal DVD which has the capacity of 4.7GB storage can be compressed easily to a 700MB CD of storage.

If a DIVX is installed on the system then it works as an add-on to the system by instructing how videos can be compressed and decompressed. And a user can also open DIVX video and play by using any multimedia players which supports DIVX.

Scenarios where repair is required for DIVX File:

  • 1. No synchronization of audio and video.
  • 2. A distorted image in a video by some colored blocks of pixels.
  • 3. The video keeps playing but no audio.
  • 4. Video frozen and audio keep playing.

You might also sometimes notice other errors when a DIVX file gets corrupted or damaged due to a variety of factors such as:

  • Virus infected file: DIVX file is very much vulnerable to virus and other suspicion programs which makes DIVX file unplayable. It occurs usually when sharing the infected files.

  • Playing file on an unsupported media player: All media players will not play DIVX file. So, sometimes unsupported media player may corrupt your DIVX file.

  • Corruption of the File header: File header contains supported contents like date of creation, file type etc. These files are very essential in playing the DIVX files. So if any information of this type is lost then it makes your DIVX corrupted.

Now, a big question that strikes on your mind would be how to repair DIVX video? Don’t worry! You can perform a DIVX repair video process due to any of the situations mentioned above using the DIVX Repair Software.

Note: If you have played a file and it did not get played by a media player due to file damage or corruption, then stop trying to play that file in different media players as it may cause still more damage to it.

Easily fix DIVX video file

When a DIVX file is corrupted or damaged then re-downloading the file again is frustrating, annoying and take a lot of time. So finding the right tool to get rid of the issue is where you can save your time. It is recommended to use software which can fix the issue without any data loss is the possible solution. Sometimes, a file may be very critical and confidential so it is very much required to get back the file without any loss.

This software can fix the issue in a very less span of time without any data loss. It does not make any changes to the original file. It comprises of a user-friendly interface where a user does not face any sort of difficulties in using the software. One such tool is Video Repair Software which can tackle this sort of issues and which can get the data back without any loss. It successfully helps you to perform DIVX video file repairing process. Apart from repairing video DIVX file, it also helps you to learn how to repair an XVID file.

You can even repair DIVX video file from different drives like the hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive, USB drive etc. It is compatible to repair DIVX video file on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. This software also helps you to repair DIVX video file on drives having file systems such as- NTFS, NTFS 5, FAT16, FAT 32 and exFAT etc. This tool also has the ability to repair broken movie files due to a variety of reasons with ease. Hence, make use of the demo version of the software in order to try greater chances of your DIVX video file repaired.  

Steps to repair DIVX file using the Video Repair Tool:

Step 1: Download and run the software. Click on the “Browse” button to select the corrupt or damaged DIVX file that has to be repaired and then click on the “Repair” button for repairing video DIVX.

How to Repair DIVX Video? - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step 2: Once the repair process is completed, you can preview the repaired DIVX file using “Preview” option.

How to Repair DIVX Video? - Preview Screen

Figure 2. Preview Screen

Step 3: Now, using the “Save” option save the repaired DIVX file to your desired location on the computer.

How to Repair DIVX Video? - Save File Screen

Figure 3. Save Screen