How to Repair Video File Error?

  • - The excellent tool to fix errors associated with video files

  • - Damaged, broken, inaccessible and erroneous video files can be efficiently restored

  • - Works with a wide range of video file formats

  • - A rich-set of algorithms scan the input video file to recreate a healthy video file

  • - Allows users to preview the repaired video file prior to saving it

The video file error is one of the commonly encountered issues with various formats of video files. The video files may corrupt due to the video file header corruption, which in turn lead to an inaccessibility of video files. The video files may get damaged due to various reasons such as- virus attack, corrupt file header, error messages or media player incompatibility. However, you can perform video file error repair using the efficient Video Repair Tools.

Error messages that lead to a corruption or damage of the video file:

  1. If QuickTime media player finds any variation or inconsistency in the MOV file video frames, the error message “Invalid movie” is displayed

  2. Corruption in MOV files due to virus attack, improper termination etc. then you may come across with “QuickTime error 2048 couldn’t open the file” error message

  3. Error message “The movie file format is not supported” is displayed, when video file header gets corrupted or audio/video codec is missing in MOV file

  4. Interrupted video file transfer operations

  5. Bad sector formations on the storage

  6. Virus and other malicious threats

It indeed sounds distressing upon losing any of the favorite video files. Well, you don’t panic! as stated before you can repair the video error with the help of the Video Repair Tools. This software is an expert in handling video file corruption issues and performs video file error repair easily. It has a simple and user-friendly interface with the help of which a user with a less technical knowledge can easily perform a video error repair process.

Using this repair utility, you can also perform video file error repair on all types of storage media such as- memory cards, external hard drives, iPods, USB drives etc. This software is compatible on all the latest versions of Mac as well as Windows operating systems. With the help of this software, you can even repair the broken movie file. Make use of this software to successfully know about how to repair video error in easy steps. With the help of this software, you can also know about how to repair video with missing headers within minutes.

Steps to perform a video file error repair process using Video Repair Software:

Step 1: Run the Video Repair Tools to fix video file errors. Select the video file error displaying error and then click on the “Repair” button.

How to Repair Video File Error? - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once after finishing the video file error repair process, you can preview the repaired error video file using the “Preview” option.

How to Repair Video File Error? - Preview Screen

Figure 2: Preview Screen

Step 3: Now, press on the “Save” option, save the repaired error video file to your desired location on the computer.    

How to Repair Video File Error? - Save Video File Screen

Figure 3: Save Video File Screen