Repair Video File Index to Make it Perfect Playable Video

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  • - A strong set of repair algorithms scans, repairs and avails the file for a preview

  • - Various video file formats on camera, system drives, memory storage etc. can be fixed

  • - Offers a very simple video repair mechanism

There are many digital video file formats, which helps to create and play a high-resolution videos. Some of the popular video file formats include- AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, DivX, XviD, etc. A general problem that occurs with video files is that their index gets corrupted due to some software errors.

The video file index is needed to synchronize the audio and video tracks. If the index is get corrupted, the video gets freezes or suddenly cease to function while playing on a media player. Well, some of the media players are capable to automatically repair corrupted index. If your media player application is not built with this capability or if it fails to deal with the issues occurring in opening the video file, then there is another way. All you need is a video repair tool, to fix video file index without causing any more damage. The process of digital video file repair is very simple by using this reliable and read-only video repair tool.

Video file index error

The video files captured using any digital camera may become unreadable due to video file index corruption. For example, you have recorded a video of many hours, using one of the popular digital cameras. When you try to play it on the digital camera, then it may not work. You have tried to play it on different media players but still, you are not able to get the video with proper functioning. When you try to play the video with corrupted index, you may get an error message like “Video file index is broken, it will not work properly, do you want to repair it?”. Such type of errors occurs when the video file is corrupted severely due to some logical errors.

Fixing Video file index error

If you are getting the video file index corrupt error, then the use of the Video Repair Tool is the perfect way to get rid of this problem. It can fix the video file index corruption issues by scanning it deeply using inbuilt algorithms. It can detect the errors in the file and fixes them to make a perfect playable video. It can fix a broken index video file of any format from any type of storage media. The tool supports to repair video file index on both Windows and Mac operating system. To know more about how to fix corrupt MOV files in Windows, you can visit here -

Features: The Video Repair Tools can be used to fix video file index which may be corrupted due to an improper download, malware attack, bad sectors on the disk, unreliable recovery software, etc. A video file may also become inaccessible due to incomplete transfer, digital camera firmware corruption, a low battery while recording a video, etc. Whatever it is, you can fix the broken index video file from the hard drive, SD card, CF card, Memory stick, USB drives, external hard drive, etc. It can repair video file index using a fast scanning technology that used to develop this software. It is an efficient tool which also helps you to repair AVI header in a short span of time. To know more about AVI header repair visit:

The video repair tool is designed with a simple user interface to repair any damaged video file. By using this software, you can repair all the videos that are failed to copy completely from external drives, corrupted, truncated or can’t play properly. It can easily fix corrupted video of a size having several GigaBytes. The tool works effectively to remove chunk junk from the video file to fix all the errors associated with the video file.

Steps to repair video file index using this software

Step 1: First select the video file that you want to repair, using the “Browse” option given in the main page of the software and then click on the “Repair” button as shown in Fig 1.

Repair Video File Index - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2: Now the software will start to detect and fix the errors in the video file index. Once the repair process is done, then you can use “Preview” option to view the repaired video before saving as shown in Fig 2.

Repair Video File Index - Preview Repaired Video

Fig 2. Preview Repaired Video

Step 3: Finally, you can save repaired video file on any storage media using the “Save” option as shown in Fig 3.

Repair Video File Index - Save Video File

Fig 3. Save Video File