Want to Remove Duplicate Videos?

You are at the right site if you are looking for an easy way to delete duplicate videos on your storage devices. Video files consume huge memory space. If you have a habit of saving videos on your computer then sometimes it happens that you may save same files twice on same or different drives unknowingly. There might be lots of videos on your computer which have gathered on it with time and you do not have much of free space on the computer’s hard disk. You can remove duplicate videos from the computer drive in such cases and make some free space. Find them and delete using search option on your computer. For this, you should be remembering the file name, date when it was saved, etc. to do it yourself. But it is also too risky to delete them manually as you may delete all duplicate files including original file. The feel of not even having a single copy of saved video of yours makes you more frustrated.

If you have not stored your videos in an organized manner from the beginning then it is too difficult for you to manage finding and deleting duplicate data. You might not be having time for taking care of these things and ended up with huge messy data. Do not worry Remo MORE will help in such situation by finding duplicate files on the basis of information about files like, its name, date of modification and so on, including its content. Then you can delete duplicate video files on your storage devices on Windows system.

Remo MORE software for optimizing drives by deleting duplicate data:

Remo MORE is the program which does really more for your storage device. It uses cloud technology in it and can support multiple tasks on your devices. It provides you the option for finding and deleting duplicate videos and optimizes your device drives. This application supports optimizing storage drives like internal hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive, memory card, etc. on your computer. This utility removes duplicate files and folders from the devices. Either you can detect duplicate files in folders of your device or you can scan for duplicate copies in whole drive using the software. This tool also performs many operations like Recover, Manage and Enhance along with Optimization.

Steps to find and delete duplicate video files on Windows PC:

Step1: Download Remo MORE on your computer which is for free. The main screen gets displayed

Find and Delete Duplicate Video Files - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step2: Then from home screen of software, select “Optimize” option. Then click on “Remove Duplicates” option from next screen as shown in Figure 2.

Find and Delete Duplicate Video Files - Optimize

Figure 2. Optimize

Step3: Select “Find Duplicate – Drive” option to scan for duplicate files in a particular drive in a go as shown in Figure 3.

Find and Delete Duplicate Video Files - Remove Duplicates

Figure 3. Remove Duplicates

Step4: Now select the drive from listed drives on next screen of software and click on arrow at the bottom right of the screen to proceed as shown in Figure 4.

Find and Delete Duplicate Video Files - Select Drive

Figure 4. Select Drive

Step5: Select “Video Files” option under “Look for these file types only” as you want to find duplicate video files. Then click on “Scan” button as shown in Figure 5. Software starts scanning selected drive and the process can be paused or stopped.

Find and Delete Duplicate Video Files - Select File Types

Figure 5. Select File Types

Step6: Once scan process completes, you can view the resulted files on software screen. You can mark duplicate files and delete them permanently or send them to recycle bin. When you are done with removal of duplicate files, you can click on “Finish” button as shown in Figure 6.

Find and Delete Duplicate Video Files - Remove Duplicate Files

Figure 6. Remove Duplicate Files


  • Take out some time to check your data on computers which are repeatedly stored and taking a stake on memory space of hard drive
  • Move your video files to external hard drive to store them there safely and avoid any duplicates of videos being saved on the system