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How to Fix Audio Delay Video Files?

  • - The exceptional tool that effectively resolves audio-video delays or errors with video files

  • - Issues like audio-video synchronization, corruption, broken header or index can be instantly fixed

  • - A strong set of algorithm fixes the audio and video files separately to form a healthy video file

  • - Capable to work with wide range of video file formats

  • - Can be installed on both Windows and Mac OSX

At certain situations, you might come across audio delays in playing the video file. It rather seems disturbing when the video files won't play in a right way. However, the audio delay issues generally arise when your video file is partially damaged or corrupted. Well, there exist several scenarios that might result in a video file corruption.

Causes for audio delayed video file:

  • Faulty Firmware: If your digital device i.e., camera or camcorder having a faulty firmware, then the recorded video file may get corrupt due to which you may face audio delayed issues in it.

  • Header Corruption: Video file header may get corrupted or broken due to various reasons, and once if it gets corrupted, then it leads to audio-video synchronization issues or sometimes, it makes your video file inaccessible.

  • Virus Infection: If the storage card of your camera or camcorder is virus-infected, then the recorded video file may get damaged, or even if you transfer your recorded video file to a virus infected system, then it may lead to audio lagging problems.

  • Other Causes: The other causes for audio delay video file are the improper download, power surge, improper termination of the media player, incorrect or errors while changing the video file extension, codec issues, unsupported media player etc.

These are the common scenarios for the video file corruption, and if you have experienced any of these scenarios, then don't it panic! Just make use of the Video Repair Tools and know how to fix audio delay video files in a short span of time.

Highlighted features of the Video Repair Tools:

Video Repair Tool is a powerful and highly-rated software which has been suggested by the industry professionals to fix the lagging audio in a video file. The strong inbuilt repairing programs easily repairs the out-of-sync audio-video. It is proven to provide a quick and secure mechanism to fix audio delay video files. It has a capability to fix corrupt MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG, M4V, DIVX, XVID files and so on. This software can also be used to repair QuickTime movies as well as to repair Windows Movie Maker file on all OS editions of Windows like- Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10 etc. Other than Windows, it is also compatible on Mac machines to fix out of sync audio video.

Furthermore, the software incorporates an easy to use interface that guides you on how to fix audio delay video files within a few mouse clicks. For repairing audio delayed video files, it separates out audio and video stream and then adjoins them to make a healthy and playable video. Once done with fixing process, it allows you to preview fixed video files before restoration.

Steps to fix audio delay video files:

Step 1: Upon installing the Video Repair Tools on your PC, browse the corrupt files as well as a healthy video file as a reference. Continue to hit on the "Repair" option.

Fix Audio Delay Video Files - Home Window

Step 2: After the repair process, choose to "Preview" the repaired video file.

Fix Audio Delay Video Files - Preview Repaired File

Step 3: You can then proceed to "Save" the repaired audio delay video file in any desired location.

Fix Audio Delay Video Files - Save Repaired File