How to Fix Corrupted AVI File?

  • - A perfect tool to repair corrupt or broken AVI files

  • - Completely restores the video file without compromising the quality and the file structure of the original file

  • - Also works with various brands of video formats (MOV, FLV, MP4, DIVX, XVID etc.)

  • - Videos with a broken header, damages, corruption and related issues can be dealt with ease

  • - Works effectively on all OS versions of Windows

“How can I fix AVI files that is been partially downloaded? When I open the file, I get an error message from Windows Media Player. It's a really a large AVI video. I am afraid it is not possible to download it again”.

Are you in the same situation and want to know how to repair corrupted AVI video files? Files partially downloaded from the internet are usually corrupted and there is no way to play them without repairing them using an effective video repair software.

Damaged AVI files

AVI files are also prone to corruption or damage like any other video file format. Whenever you try to play a corrupted AVI file, you may have noticed the following things:

  • Due to broken or corrupted frames in the video stream, the picture freezes but the sound continues to play.
  • Some colored blocks or pixels distorted the image for some time.
  • AVI File does not play at all due to a codec issue. In this case, you will require a codec to decode the video and audio data within an AVI file
  • This tool can also be used to repair corrupted iMovie files on MacBook Air MacBook Pro, iMac and other Mac OS X computers.
  • Sound but no picture or picture but no sound. This also happens due to codec issues
  • Cannot seek/skip through the video or fast forward it due to a bad AVI Index, or no Index entry at all.
  • Often due to a badly prepared file, audio and video become unsynchronized i.e. the length of the video & audio is different
  • The AVI file does not play as it was partially copied from CD, DVD or some other source or it is not completely downloaded from the internet. Visit here to know how to play such kind of partially downloaded file.

AVI repair tool is the reliable application to solve all the above-stated issues and repair damaged .avi video file. However, if you want to fix MPEG videos then you can make use of the MPEG Video Repair application.

You can also repair the corrupted MP4 files from the digtital camera or camcorders of any brand like Sony, Samsung, Contour, Sanyo, etc.

Why should you go with AVI Repair Tool?

AVI File Repair software is specially designed to repair AVI video file. It separates the audio and video parts from the corrupted video file, repairs them and creates a new file that is corruption free. It does not overwrite the original file.

Using AVI repair tool is very easy and it is so user-friendly that even a person with no technical knowledge can repair corrupted videos themselves. With simple clicks. you will be able to restore the video file and enjoy your favorite video.

The preview option in the tool allows you to see the video before repairing to judge that the video is repairable or not. It can repair unplayable AVI, XVID file formats. By using this software, you can also know how to repair DIVX video either corrupted or damaged due to different reasons within minutes. There are different versions available for both Mac & Windows Operating Systems. You can also fix damaged MOV file by using the MOV File Repair Tool.

You can also make use of this software to fix rendering issues associated with various types of media files especially AVI files. One can fix AVI file cannot render file within quick steps using this software. 

Steps to fix corrupt AVI file:

Step 1: Download and install the AVI File Fix on your system. Hit on “Browse” button to select the corrupted AVI file on the home screen. You then need to click on the “Repair” button

Repairing AVI Video - Main Screen

Step 2: Wait for a while for the tool to repair the corrupted video. After completion of the fixing process, a summary report is displayed. You can see the preview of the repaired file by selecting “Preview”.

AVI Repair Tool  - Preview Screen

Step 3: Save the fixed AVI and save it using the option “Save”

Repair AVI Videos - Save File Screen

To fix corrupted/damaged video files supported with QuickTime player see QuickTime video repair.