How to Fix DivX Audio Problem?

It is necessary to compress a raw video file so as to reduce its file size in order to easily transfer across numerous networks. DivX is a popular video compression technique developed by DivX LLC. It is not just a compression technique, you can encode or decode digital videos using this technique. Because of this feature, DivX and similar techniques are widely known by the name “codec”. For playing a video file compressed with DivX codec, you need a DivX enabled media player.

DivX Plus for Windows is a software suite designed for computers running under Windows computers. Tools which comes under this package contain DivX codec by default. DivX Plus player is a standalone media player which is a part of this suit. This media player supports a number of file formats and compression algorithms. Anyhow, while playing media files on this player, certain errors are used to occur which prevents the playback. Audio file playback error is an instance of such errors. The subject, “How to fix DivX audio problem” have been widely discussed in these days by affected users.

Suppose you are the one who face such an issue. What would you do in order to fix DivX sound problem? Anyway, at first, you have to analyze your problem situation clearly. There are many reasons which are responsible for the interruption of audio playback on DivX player. It is desirable to understand such reasons to enable uninterrupted playback of files on DivX player.

Some Common Reasons for DivX Audio Issue

Problems with AC3 Codecs: Sometimes, a DivX player doesn’t even recognize media files which uses AC3 codec for compressing audio of such files. The main reason for this is the improper updating of your DivX player. If your DivX update got interrupted due to any errors, it can make playback issues with AC3 files. Even though, AC3 Filter utility can be considered as a remedy for this, there are still doubts about its feasibility. 

File Corruption Issues: If the file which you are playing on DivX player got corrupt, it can produce audio playback issues. Here, Fixing DivX audio issues exactly means repairing that damaged file. Download errors, malware infections, storing on bad sectors, etc. can make a multimedia container file gets corrupt. However, you can repair bad video files which got corrupt in these ways with the help of powerful tools.

Use of Codec Packs: Many users are used to download several codec packs from internet for supporting media files encoded with less popular codecs. Sometimes, your DivX player may clash with these codec packs resulting in playback issues of files.

Many of you may still believe that the only solution for this would be replacing DivX player with another media player. You don’t have to think that much extent. There are known solutions which can be given to users who are asking how to fix DivX audio problem or anything similar. Video Repair Tools is the name of a software which will be helpful for you to enable seamless playback of media files on your DivX player.

Note: In case the index of one of your AVI file got corrupt, you will face several difficulties while playing such a file. Anyhow you can make use of Video Repair Tools to repair AVI index of that file and to enable seamless playback of it.

Significance of Video Repair Tools on Fixing DivX Sound Issues   

  • This tool supports all the latest versions of Windows operating systems from Windows XP.
  • It gives you a “Thumbnail Preview” of repaired files along with its various attributes.
  • This tool repairs a multimedia file by separating its audio and video streams. After repairing, the separated streams are adjoined to get a healthy file.
  • It is possible to use this tool for repairing AVI files on various Mac computers.
  • You can fix DivX audio problem within few simple steps with this tool. There will not be any chance for you asking for technical support to assist you.
  • A negligible hard disk space of 50 MB is sufficient to install this software on your computer.
  • If you are using an unreliable tool to recover a deleted video file, it may get corrupt. However with the help of Video Repair Tools, you can repair it.

Steps for Fixing DivX Audio Issues

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your Windows computer. Select the corrupted file  by clicking “Browse”. Once selected it, click “Repair” button.

How to Fix DivX Audio Problem? - Browse File

Step 2: Ths scanning will start now to fix the issue. After scanning, you can see the preview of the repaired file by selecting “Preview” option.

Fix DivX Sound Problem- Preview File

Step 3: Save the file on your computer using  “Save” option.

Fixing DivX Audio Issues- Save File