Learn How to Repair Broken AVI File when that Won't Play

  • - The highly-integrated tool to fix broken AVI files

  • - A highly efficient algorithms repair the broken videos and create a playable file

  • - The original quality, content and the file structure remains unaltered

  • - Other than AVI, MPEG, MP4, MOV, M4V, FLV etc. are supported

  • - Compatible with Mac and Windows OSX

AVI is a multimedia container format which is capable of storing both audio and video in one place. It is more effective to save video conversations, movies, video recordings from camcorders, etc. Unfortunately, AVI files are prone to turn corrupt or broken.

Some of the scenarios which are responsible for AVI file corruption are explained below.

  1. Virus attack on the hard drive or any other storage device
  2. Abrupt shutdown of the system while playing AVI files leads to severe damage to the file structure
  3. Interruption while transferring movies or any video files from an external storage media to the computer
  4. Recovering deleted AVI files using unreliable software leads to broken AVI files that won’t play on any media player

Other causes with the video files include- file header corruption, bad sectors, improper download, battery low when capturing a video using the camcorder, etc. It could be distressing when you find your favorite files in an unplayable format. However, you don't have to worry about fixing the inaccessible file; there exists a fine solution. The AVI Video Repair Tool is the robust application that fixes broken video files in simple clicks. The fix utility is capable to-

  1. Fix broken AVI files that are created using the video software
  2. Fix video conversations that you have saved from MSN Messenger or Skype using video recording software
  3. Repair video files that you have downloaded from friends or through the internet
  4. Repair movie files that are saved in .AVI format


Features and functions of the video repair utility

Whatever may be the reason behind AVI file corruption, you can get rid of video file problems using this software. It is competent to detect the file errors and fixes them within a few minutes. You can fix AVI, DivX, MP4, M4V, MPEG, FLV, MOV and XviD files in a similar way. You can also get a preview of repaired video using the free demo version of this software.

Steps on How to Repair Broken AVI File when that Won't Play:

Step 1: Run the software, select AVI file using “Browse” option and click on the “Repair” button as shown in Fig 1.

How to Repair Broken AVI Files That Won't Play - Welcome Page

Fig 1. Welcome Page

Step 2: Once the repair process is done, you can use “Preview” option to view repaired video before saving as shown in Fig 2.

How to Repair Broken AVI Files That Won't Play - Preview File

Fig 2. Preview File

Step 3: Continue to “Save” the fixed video file in a suitable storage drive as shown in Fig 3.

How to Repair Broken AVI Files That Won't Play - Save File

Fig 3. Save File