How to Repair MP4 Files on Mac?

“I had lots of MP4 files stored on the hard drive of my iMac computer. It was on last day, I downloaded and installed a free Mac media player on my system and tried to play some of the MP4 files from my collection on it. Sadly, I couldn’t play any file. Then, I tried to open those files on my default player, VLC to check whether the files are healthy. Unfortunately, those files weren’t recognized by VLC also. The most heartbroken point is, I could able to play those files on VLC without any delay in recent times. I want to repair those files by any means. So, please someone suggest me a way to fix MP4 file corruption on Mac. I am waiting for a sound solution.”

This MP4 corruption is not pertaining to a particular OS. Whether you are using Windows or Mac, you are about to face this under various situations. Anyhow, there are powerful third party tools to repair MP4 Mac as well as on Windows computers without worsening the corruption of MP4 files. Video Repair Tools utility is a prominent name among such tools. From below, you can find out some causes for MP4 corruption on Mac which can be fixed by this utility.

  • Unreliable Recovery Tools: Say for example, you have accidentally deleted some MP4 files from your Mac system. You could able to recover those files using a recovery tools. But the recovered files have become corrupted.
  • Abrupt System Shutdown while Playing Files: If any undesirable thing result in the improper shutdown of your Mac computer while playing some MP4 files, those files may get damaged as a result.
  • Unreliable Media Players: As mentioned in the beginning of this page, many of you might having using a number of third party media players on your Mac computer. Some of such tools are even capable of corrupting files which were played on that players.

Video Repair Tools can fix Mac MP4 files within three simple steps. It can fix MP4 files created on Smartphones, compact cameras, HD camcorders, etc. with utmost ease. Video files encoded with XVID format also can be repaired using this tool. Visit the following page if you want to know detailed info on how to repair XVID video files:

Some Vital Features of Video Repair Tools

  • Using demo version of this tool, you can “Preview” the repaired MP4 file on a preview browser before saving that file. If you are satisfied with repair results, you need to purchase the full version of this tool in order to save that file.
  • Using this tool, it is possible to repair MP4 files which got corrupt due to errors in Sony Vegas application. You can continue reading if you need to know the possible chances of video file corruption in Sony Vegas and how to overcome the same.  
  • You can repair MP4 file on Mac which got corrupted due to MP4 recording during lows camcorder battery.  
  • This tool is completely a read only product and it doesn’t make any changes to the contents of the original MP4 file; instead it extracts data from that file, repairs it and create a new file in order to copy its data.
  • Don’t thing like this tool can only repair corrupted MP4 files on Mac; you can repair MOV files on various types of operating systems as well using this tool.
  • This repair tool supports different video codecs like MP4V, MJPEG, etc. for MP4 file repair.   

Note: How to fix DivX audio problem is one of the most discussed problem in video file repair. Although it is a prominent compression technique, files encoded by DivX codec can corrupt due to a lot of reasons like this audio issue. But, with Video Repair tools, it is not at all a big matter because this tool repairs such files quite simply.

Steps to Repair MP4 Files on Mac

Step 1: Download and install the software on your Mac system to repair MP4 file. After installing, launch the application. You will see main screen, "Browse" the MP4 file that you want to repair and click on "Repair" option.

Repair MP4 Mac- Home Screen

Step 2: After the repair process, you can view repaired file by selecting "Preview" option.

Fix Mp4 File Corruption on Mac- Preview File

Step 3: Activate the full version of this product and then "Save" the repaired file.

Repair Corrupted Mp4 Files on Mac- Save File