Optimizing Microsoft Windows XP Performance

Windows XP operating system is a bit older one now. The new operating systems are released with lot of enhancements in features. Some software are still not compatible with new versions of Windows OS. In such circumstance, there is no other go for you than using Windows XP OS. But the speed performance of Windows XP will be affected by lot of factors on the computer and it becomes a burden to use the OS. Do not worry; there is a solution for this. You can optimize performance in Windows XP computers if you take some measures as given below.

Tips to increase speed performance of Windows XP computers:

  • Convert the file systems of drives on your Windows XP to the new one, i.e. NTFS
  • Clean your Windows XP computer to remove any malwares or spywares that comes with any downloaded free software
  • Remove desktop background image
  • Indexing service consumes time and memory space. It is not necessary and hence it is better to disable it
  • The visual effects waste system resources and use it only as much as required
  • Uncheck “Automatically search for network folders and printers” and “Launch folders in a separate process”. Then click on Apply and then OK, in “View tab” of “Folder options” in “Tools” menu on “My Computer”
  • Make menus load faster on your computer, press WinKey + R. Type “regedit” and press Enter. Then find “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop”, double click on “MenuShowDelay”, reduce the number bot less than around 100.
  • Improve boot times, swapfile performance and shut down speed

There are lots of other actions that are to be taken for optimizing Windows XP performance. Some are like, cleaning registry, removing unwanted programs, etc. You can carry out these functionalities using Remo MORE software which is a one stop solution for all problems that hinders system performance. Hence, using this tool helps you to optimize Windows XP system performance effectively and makes you free from the irritation of slow PC performance.

Remo MORE for optimizing Windows XP performance:

Remo MORE helps you to optimize Windows XP performance with various options provided on it. This tool has the capability to enhance system as well as internet performance on Windows computers. This application is capable of working on devices remotely with its cloud technology. There are lots of features incorporated into it to make it an outstanding design. It provides you the option to remove unwanted programs that are currently loading on startup on your Windows XP computers. You can further optimize your computer and improve speed performance by cleaning registry, defragmenting drives, etc. additional options suggested by the software. Download this utility for free now and use it on your Windows XP computer to optimize its performance. This software has simple wizard guiding you well in each screen and lead you to successful completion of tasks on it. If you get struck anywhere while using the software then our technical team is always there for your help.

Simple procedure to optimize Windows XP performance using Remo MORE:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE software on Windows XP computer. Run the software and click on “Enhance” option to get the main screen as shown in Fig A. Then click on “Start-up Speed Enhancer” option from the screen.

Optimize Performance in Windows XP - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Next screen will be displayed as shown in Fig B. You will get the information of total startup items, items which are enabled and disabled. Then click on “Start” to get next screen to view startup items.

Optimize Performance in Windows XP - Startup Speed Enhancer Main Screen

Fig B: Startup Speed Enhancer Main Screen

Step 3: The next screen is as shown in Fig C. Uncheck the unnecessary startup programs and click on “Disable”. Then click on “Close” to close the application after changes.

Optimize Performance in Windows XP - Enable / Disable Programs

Fig C: Enable / Disable Programs