How to Fix Partially Downloaded AVI File?

  • - The best-regarded solution to repair partially downloaded AVI videos

  • - Efficiently fixes AVI media retaining the original video quality and structure

  • - Even works with various other video file formats

  • - Corrupt, video with broken index, damaged file headers etc. can be fixed instantly

  • - Allows repair on both Mac OSX and Windows

“Hi there. I tried to play a video using one of the media player application on my system. As soon as the application started it showed an error that the AVI file has been downloaded partially and it cannot be played. I tried to play it using different media players but it was of no use. Someone, please suggest me a solution to deal with the partially downloaded AVI file"

There are wide instances of partially downloaded video file errors. The partial video download file could be as a result of corruption or other issues. Some of the issues that lead inaccessibility with the AVI files include.

  • Impact of the virus and other malicious threats
  • Bad sector formations on the storage
  • Abrupt removal of external storage media during AVI file transfer
  • Storage file system corruptions
  • Improper download operations

Any of the above-mentioned reasons lead to complete inaccessibility to the AVI video. It sounds disappointing when you are not able to open/play your favorite AVI videos. Well, the AVI Repair Tool is one genuine solution to fix a partially downloaded AVI file.

Use the AVI Repair Tool

AVI Repair Tool is the best-said solution to overcome AVI file error. This repair tool is been programmed with the strong set of repair algorithms that effectively fixes the AVI file in simple clicks. Apart from repairing AVI files that got corrupted, the user can also fix XVID, DIVX, FLV, MPEG, MP4, M4V and many more. Upon completion of the fixing process, the user is provided with the option to preview the repaired AVI file. This advanced repair tool can also be used to repair GoPro video file. AVI repair utility is compatible to be installed and make partially downloaded AVI file play on all latest versions of Windows Operating Systems like- Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, XP and many others. Make use of this application to get your AVI file fixed from the hard disk drives, SSD, memory cards, USB drives and other external storage media. This tool will also help you to repair AVI file index in order to play unplayable AVI file.

Steps to repair partially downloaded AVI file

Step 1: Download and run the tool on your Windows system. Click here if you want to repair AVI files on Mac. Select the corrupted AVI file on the welcome screen by clicking “Browse” and Click “Repair” button

Repair Partially Downloaded AVI - Main Screen

Step 2: Wait for a while for the tool repairs the corrupted video. After completion of the repair process, a summary report is displayed. You can choose to preview of the repaired file by selecting “Preview” option.

Repair Partially Downloaded AVI - Preview Screen

Step 3: Save the fixed AVI and save it using the option “Save”

Repair Partially Downloaded AVI - Save File Screen