Protect Video Files with Password


Consider a scenario; you have some private videos stored on your laptop or personal computer. One day your friend came to your home and demanded to use your system for some time. As you had to go for some work, you have to leave him with your system alone. But because of the videos that you have saved in your system, you are not feeling comfortable in leaving him alone with your laptop or PC. In this situation, either you have to sacrifice the safety of those videos or you have to stay there and keep an eye on him. What do you opt to do? Can’t think of any other option? Well, here you will find one.

Personal computer or laptops are those devices that a person uses for saving their personal data. In this time, when the technology has advanced to a next level, crimes have also reached to a higher level. Any file or video can be modified very precisely and can be misused. So, what a person can do to protect video files or safeguard other data?

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The best option to protect video files is to put a password on them so that no unauthorized access is applicable on that file. To password protect video files; Remo MORE tool should be utilized. This tool has been developed with a powerful feature that can easily protect video files with password. You don’t have to be a computer expert to do so. Any novice or even a child can also password protect video files using this tool. This is due to its extremely easy to use and friendly interface. The users just have to follow the onscreen instruction to protect video files with password.

Why should you protect video files with password?

Some people might think that, “I don’t need to put password to my files. I know I am capable of saving my files from unauthorized access.” It might be true for some people but what about the access that you cannot restrict, like a hack. As all the systems are connected to the internet and all kind of websites are opened through it; the chance of hacking increase. Once a hacker gets access to a system then he / she can easily copy or open any file saved on it. Therefore, it becomes necessary to password protect video files.

Remo MORE is the perfect way to password protect video files as the password is of high encryption level. The tool works perfectly to put password on video files of any format. Also, the protection is irrespective of the Windows Operating System used. Once you protect video files with password, you can be tension free and handover your devices to anyone. Apart from videos, this tool can also password protect other kind of files like audio, pictures, documents, exe files, rar files and any other format which can be thought of.

Now, you might be thinking, “a tool which provides these many features might be very expensive. Can I afford it?” To your surprise, Remo MORE is absolutely free of cost. You can easily download Remo MORE from the links provided on this page and secure video files with password.

How to password protect video files using Remo MORE?

Step 1: From the main screen select “Manage” option. Then select “File Manager” option

Password Protect Video Files - Manage

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Step 2: Now set the master password, after that click on “File Protector

Password Protect Video Files - Select File Protector

Step 3: From this screen select “File / Folder Locker

Password Protect Video Files - Select File / Folder Locker

Step 4: Now choose the video files that you want to protect by clicking on “Add Files

Password Protect Video Files - Select video files to lock

Step 5: Wait until the files are locked

Password Protect Video Files - Locking

Step 6: Files locked successfully message will be displayed

Password Protect Video Files - Files locked successfully

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