How to Repair QuickTime Video File That is Corrupt or Not Playing?

  • - The feasible solution to fix unplayable QuickTime videos

  • - Fixes errors or corruptions with MOV files by applying a simple scan process

  • - Repairs video files without modifying the original media content

  • - Allows users to preview the files prior completion of the repair process

  • - Supports repair of various other file type formats

There are a wide number of instances where the QuickTime videos get damaged or corrupt. The QuickTime won't be able to play the videos due to certain issues with the with the audio or video stream. Sometimes the downloaded files may also show errors in playing the MOV videos. At that point, re-downloading it again from the web would sound tedious as it could consume a lot of time. However, there is another way by which you can bring back videos to a playable format. The Video Repair utility will help you in fixing any issues/errors with playing the QuickTime MOV videos.

Scenarios that cause damage to the video files:

  • Modifying file extension: Using any inappropriate ways to change the file extension of the video file could result in damages to the file. The files can be converted either manually or by using a third-party tool. Henceforth, it is always recommended to take the backup of the file before going with the file conversion.

  • Abrupt removal of the external device: One needs to be careful while transferring the QuickTime video file from one device to other. Abruptly removing the external device when you are carrying out a transfer can corrupt the video file. So, you need to ensure the files are transferred completely and the external device prior ejecting the external drive so as to avoid any data loss disasters

  • Opening the MOV in an unsupported player: MOV files are supported to play on the media players having its supporting codec. Playing MOV on any unsupported player can destroy its header which makes the data part inaccessible. In the worst case, it leads to complete destruction of the QuickTime file. But the video repair tool is capable to fix all types of video file formats, irrespective of reasons. One can also go here to get the best software that is capable to repair HD videos.

  • Video File Index Corruption: Video file index may get corrupt due to errors while downloading the videos, incomplete file transfer, etc. If you are the one want to know how to repair the video file index, then the best way is to go through the link given here -

The ultimate software to fix QuickTime Videos

The Video Repair efficiently repairs QuickTime video files that are in an inaccessible or an unplayable state. There is another version provided to repair AVI video file, MPEG, MP4. M4V, XVID, DIVX etc.

Working: The software initiates the repair process by scamming the input video file. It continues to fix the corrupt MOV files by separating and fixing the video and audio stream of the MOV and then adjoins them.

The Video Repair software also supports repair of the damaged MOV files from vivid storage devices like the hard disk, flash cards, USB drives, SSD etc. Additionally, you can also make use of this software to repair iPhone videos. Also, if you encounter any bad video files on your system, then make use of this software to repair bad video files and make it playable as this software highly recommended by the experts to repair video files.

Steps to repair QuickTime video file:

Step 1: Run the Video Repair software on your machine. Browse and select your damaged QuickTime video file and click on the “Repair” button.

Video Repair Tools - Main Screen

Step 2: The software returns a success message upon completion of the fixing process. You may then proceed to preview the repaired video file.

Video Repair Tools  - Preview Screen

Step 3: The fixed video file can be now saved to a suitable storage location.

Video Repair Tools - Save File Screen

NOTE: If you are a Mac user then you can download the Mac version of this software and start repairing video files on Mac Operating System. This software supports all the latest versions of Mac Operating System.