Fix MP4 Video not Playing on Real Player

  • - A proficient tool that repairs unplayable MP4 videos on the Real Player application

  • - Capable to fix videos that refuse to play on QuickTime, VLC, Windows Media Player etc.

  • - The fix algorithm scan the damaged video and creates a healthy media file

  • - Files can be repaired without altering the quality and sttucture of the original file

  • - Flexible to run on Windows and Mac OSX

The Real Player is a universal media player designed to support almost all audio and video files. As it is an easy to use application and used by a wide number of users.. Though it is flexible enough to play videos of all formats, but sometimes you will not be able to play the .mp4 videos on the Real Player. This might be as a result of corruption, unsupported codec, video synchonization errors, damages to the file index etc.

If you find yourself in situations where you are unable to play the MP4 videos on Real Player then here is what you can do. It is possible to repair mp4 video that cant play on real player using a genuine video repair software. You can straightforwardly rely upon the Video Repairsoftware.

Why is the .mp4 video unable to play on Real Player?

  • Header Corruption: The header part of the video file contains information related to video creation date, size, modification date, etc. If this header is corrupted due to virus or any other reason then you will not be able to play MP4 or any other video file format on the Real Player.

  • Codec Issue: If the Real Player does not have a proper codec to open content on MP4 file, then it won't be possible to play it on Real Player.

  • Low Battery: Recording the video of MP4 or AVI video when the camera is indicating a low battery, then you may get some part of video with some missing files like mp4 index, etc. In such cases, the Real Player refuses to play the MP4 video file.

Apart from the above reasons, there are many other reasons like interrupted MP4 download process, bad sectors where MP4 video is stored etc. Whatever may be the reason for the corruption of MP4 video finally it turns unplayable on the Real Player. The only solution to resolve all these issues is to make use of the MP4 Video Repair software. Besides this, you can use the software to repair a h264 video file which has been corrupted due to any reason.

Features of the Video repair software:

MP4 Video Repair tool is the top-rated utility designed using the powerful algorithms that helps user in repairing MP4 video that can't play on the Real Player. The repair process is so quick that it can easily fix corrupted unplayable video file without modifying the original data. The application is highly-capable to fix corrupted AVI, DIVX, MOV, M4V etc. in very less span of time. This program supports repair of damaged or corrupt MP4 files on different storage devices like the hard disk, flash cards, pen drives, etc. on all versions of both Windows and Mac.

Furthermore, the program is equipped to perform Kodak, Canon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Nikon video file repair in few clicks of the mouse. You can make use of a free version of this product and know how to fix mp4 videos that won't play on Real Player without any difficulty. By using its "Preview" option it will allow you to view the repaired MP4 video files that were unplayable on Real Player before restoration.

Steps to Fix MP4 Video not Playing on Real Player

Step 1: Lainch the MP4 Video Repair software on your system. Select the corrupted MP4 file that refuse to play on Real Player by clicking the "Browse". Continue to hit on the "Repair" button

Real Player won't Play MP4 Videos - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Once you click on repair, the software starts scanning to fix not playing MP4 videos on the Real Player and generate a new healthy file as shown in figure 2

Real Player won't Play MP4 Videos - Scanning Process

Figure 2: Scanning Process

Step 3: After repairing, a summary report is displayed. You can see the preview of repaired file by selecting the "Preview" option

Real Player won't Play MP4 Videos  - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen

Step 4: Save the fixed MP4 files using the "Save" option.

Real Player won't Play MP4 Videos - Save File Screen

Figure 4: Save File Screen