Video Repair Software Mac

  • - An excelled repair utility designed for Macintosh machines

  • - Fixes QuickTime MOV, MP4, AVI, MPEG, FLV, DivX and other video file formats

  • - Developed with efficient scan algorithm that recreates a healthy version of the video file

  • - Prior to the complete fixture, the repaired media file can be previewed

  • - Runs flexibly on all editions of Mac OSX

  • - Assures no damages or alterations the source file contents

The video file corruption is one of the commonly encountered problems. This issues may arise as a result of several human mistakes. Some of them are:

  • Using the incompatible or unsupportable codecs to play this video files will corrupt the video files.
  • While transferring large-sized video files over the internet in the time of uploading and downloading will also result in a video file corruption problem.
  • Video files attacked by some vulnerable threats like virus, trojans, malware etc.
  • An unexpected power fluctuation while playing the video file lead to a corruption.
  • A video file may get corrupted while converting from one format to another format.
  • Inappropiate video file compression in improper manner.

A handy technique to repair videos on Mac

The Video Repair Software for Mac OS is one efficient tool that can resolve errors with unplayable videos. The credential features and functionality of this legitimate video repair software is as follows.

  • The repair program occupies only small space for storage and a very minimal amount of memory on Mac machine.
  • Video Repair Tools is compatible to run on all versions of Mac OS
  • Even large-sized video files can be repaired with ease
  • Repair video files captured from popular brands of digital cameras like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Kodak, Panasonic, Samsung etc. can be done very easily within clicks
  • Corrupt video files residing on the hard disk, flash drive, iPods, memory cards etc. can also be fixed
  • It can repair MPEG files, MOV files, DivX, XviD file etc.
  • Convenient and secure to use

How to use the Video Repair Software for Mac?

  • Run the video repair software on your Mac PC. On the main window, add the corrupted video file by clicking on the Browse button.

  • Video Repair Tools - Main Screen

  • Hit on the “Repair" option to trigger the fixing process.

  • Video Repair Tools  - Preview Screen

  • The fixed file can be previewed and saved to the desired storage location

  • Video Repair Tools - Save Screen