How to Repair Video with Missing Header?

  • - An exceptional utility that helps in fixing video files with missing or damaged headers

  • - Equipped with an eminent algorithm that scans the input file to recreate a healthy media

  • - Ensures no alterations to the contents of the source file

  • - Works smoothly with videos files having various file type extensions (MOV, MP4, FLV, DIVX, XVID, AVI etc.)

  • - Corrupt or unplayable videos from external storage drives can also be repaired with ease

At certain, times you may come across with errors when you try to play videos on the QuickTime media player. These sort of errors doesn’t allow you to play the video with the QuickTime Media Player. You might encounter errors even when you attempt to play erroneous MOV file on other media players such as- VLC, Windows Media Player, GOM player etc. then it may not help you. One of the major reasons for this unplayable video could be the missing header. The header is a location in MOV file that stores the video file with its specifications like its size, the creation date, modification time etc. If in file header any of the information is missing then, those MOV files can’t be identified by any of the media player which in turn won’t be able play that video file. Now a question that strikes on your mind would be how to repair video files with missing header? But don’t worry! You can easily know about how to repair video with the missing file header using the MOV Repair Software.

The movies can be stored in different video file formats like MOV, AVI, XVID, DIVX, MP4, etc. The AVI stands for audio video interleave and are developed by the Microsoft. It is a very popular video file format and the data stored in it is encoded in a various codecs. The AVI file format is supportive towards almost all versions of Windows OS and can be played on different media players. MOV is also known as the QuickTime format, is introduced by the Apple Inc and it can be used for saving movies and other video files. Even though video file formats are available to have movies with high-definition, still the movie file corruption exists. There are various third-party tools available on the internet, to repair movies of different file formats. One such efficient and a reliable application is Video Repair Tool.

Scenarios that lead to a video with the missing header:

  • 1. During the transfer process if there is any kind of interruption like- unusual system termination or abrupt removal of the external device, power failure etc.

  • 2. Playing the video file on an incompatible media player

  • 3. Impact of virus on the video file

One can perform missing header video repairing process due to any of the situations mentioned above using the Video Repair Software. This program is a proficient to fix the video with the missing file header on the different digital devices. It can repair corrupted or damaged video files without any difficulty. It also helps you to repair broken movie files due to different reasons with ease.

This repair application also works with MOV, M4V, AVI, M4V, MP4, XVID, DIVX etc. Furthermore, it can even repair MOV video file recorded by digital camcorders such as- Olympus, Canon, Samsung, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, GoPro and many others. You can make use of the demo version of the software in order to try for the best chances of video repair with a missing header.

Steps to Repair Video files with Missing Header

 Step 1: Run the video repair application on your computer. On the main screen, click on the “Browse” button to select the video file to be repaired and then click on the “Repair” button.

How to Repair Video with Missing Header? - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step 2: The program begins to start fixing the input video file.

How to Repair Video with Missing Header? - Repair Progress Screen

Figure 2. Repair Progress Screen

Step 3: Once the repair process is completed, you can preview the repaired video file using the “Preview” option and then, using “Save” option save the repaired video file to your desired location on the computer.   

How to Repair Video with Missing Header? - Save Screen

Figure 3. Save Screen