How to Repair H264 Video Files?

  • - The finest solution to fix damages h264 videos

  • - Quickly scans the input media and fixes it securely

  • - Causes no modifications to the source content

  • - Unplayable, corrupt, inaccessible or broken video files can be repaired easily

  • - Various other media formats like QuickTime MOV, MP4, XVID, DIVX etc. are supported

H264 video file format features recording, compression and playback of high-definition videos. It is often used as the video file format for AVCHD (Advanced Video Coding High Definition) camcorders, HD DVD, Blu-ray and others. Despite these amazing features, there are instances where the video files could turn corrupt. But today, you need not be upset, because here you are going to learn how to repair h264 video file in an effective way. First of all, you need to download Video Repair Tools on your Windows or Mac PC. After that, use the tool to repair h264 video file, which will create a new healthy h264 video file without compromising the quality of the original file.

Since the software provides the best and effective solution for repairing h264 video files, most of the professional users prefer this tool to repair the corrupted or damaged h264 video files. This software is also capable of repairing the password-protected video files with utmost ease. That is why the tool has gained more popularity among several other h264 video repair tools available in the market.

Some h264 video file corruption scenarios are discussed below:

  • Bad sector: As we know that bad sectors are inaccessible memory space on any drive, so if the h264 video file has been saved on such sector then file might get inaccessible, corrupted or damaged.
  • Header corruption: Header is the most essential part of any file since it contains all the information about the file like the length, path, format, etc., so the corruption of header file will definitely result in a damaged file. Such a thing happens mainly due to a virus infection and an improper handling of the file. In case of the h264 video file, it may get corrupted, damaged or become inaccessible due to the header corruption.
  • Unsupported video player: If you are frequently trying to play an h264 video file on unsupported or malfunctioned video player application, then there are more chances for corruption of the video file.

Features of the Video Repair Tools:

This video repair software is incredibly strong and effective to repair h264 video files. Along with repairing h264 video file, it has a great ability to repair the incomplete video files of various formats such as AVI, MOV, MP4, etc. This software is capable enough for handling any errors related to h264 video file corruption. For example, video file index error, unsupported file error, audio-video sync error, etc., all these errors can be fixed using this powerful utility.

You can repair corrupted h264 video files from an internal as well as the external hard drive. The tool can repair h264 video file saved on different storage such as a camcorder, SSD, USB flash drive, memory sticks, iPod, and so on. As the product is read-only, it will never damage any of the video files while repairing.

Apart from the above attractive features, it also offers the graphical user-interface to fix h264 video file error, so that users no need to worry about how to repair a broken h264 video file. This software repairs corrupted or damaged video files on Windows and Mac OS based computers of various editions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mac OS X and many other.

Steps to repair h264 video files:

Step 1: After downloading the software, install it on your system. Continue to Browse the corrupted h264 video file on your computer/external drive. Now click on the “Repair” button.

Repair H264 Video File - Main Screen

Step 2: After a successful completion of the repair process, it will provide a preview option "Preview repaired file" to view your fixed h264 video file.

How to Repair H264 Video File?  - Preview Screen

Step 3: Now, save the repaired h264 video file by clicking on "Save repaired file" after purchasing the product.

H264 Video File Repair - Save Screen