Free MP4 Video File Repair Tool

  • - The best-suited utility to fix unplayable or corrupt MP4 videos

  • - Also works other video file formats like MOV, M4V, DIVX, XVID, AVI etc.

  • - Available in separate versions for Windows and Mac OSX

  • - Recreates a healthy MP4 with applying an instant scan mechanism

  • - Repair media files without altering the original structure and the quality


MP4 is actually a container which is used to hold the video contents. Previously, MPEG-1 was used for standard videos and audios subsequently, MPEG-2 & MPEG-3 came which was way more advanced than the older version. The latest version which is used for keeping compressed data and transmission is the MPEG-4 (which is also known as MP4). These all were developed and launched by the Moving Pictures Expert Group. In this format, videos are saved in a decoded sequence of moving images and synchronized audios. The MP4 files are saved with the .mp4 extension.

Errors in playing MP4 videos

There are a wide number of reasons that cause issues in playing the MP4 videos. Some malicious threats like- Malware, Trojan, Viruses etc. can corrupt the header section of the MP4 files which causes inaccessible files. Even so, an abrupt closing of the media player application could also the result the same.

The Video Repair Tools is been designed for Macintosh fixes media files instantly within a few minutes. This application is easy-to-use and capable to repair MPEG video files that got corrupted under any scenario. Even you can also use this powerful tool to repair the MOV video header.

Steps to Repair Corrupt MP4 Video File

Step 1: Get the repair MP4 video file software installed in your Windows OS system. Browse through the location of the MP4 file on your system and hit on the “Repair” main screen.

Repair MP4 Video - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Let the program finish the scan process (it takes a while)

Repair MP4 Video - Repair Process Screen

Figure 2: Repair Screen

Step 3: Once the file is repaired you will be able to “Preview” the repaired file content.

Repair MP4 Video - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen

Step 4: Finally, the tool will prompt you to save the repaired file to a safe storage location

Repair MP4 Video - Save Screen

Figure 4: Save Screen

Note: Don’t try to open and close the MPEG-4 repeatedly using the digital player. If you want to repair the MP4 just keep it idle so that more corruption in the file could be avoided.